A great experience from Puerto Rico

During august 2016  I had the experience to take my son to another audition by Prestige Talent Management in Puerto Rico. In this audition, I felt more secure because they taught every children individually and most importantly, they all had fun. One of the many things that impressed me was the professional treatment and the honesty. Like a mother, I felt the confidence to trust Prestige Talent Management. It's been a wonderful experience since the first time and it still continues. I really liked that they had taken an interest in my son's starting career. Prestige Talent Management is like one big family.

Before the Prestige Talent Auditions, we went to another company's audition in which it didn't go very pleasant because it didn't feel supportive and wasn't connected like a family. For that reason, we need to look out in which entertainment company we trust our children with. This experience teach us in which direction we take our children to.

With all my heart, I would like to thanks Bridgett Foster and Mark Caroll for being supportive through this amazing experience with my son. Love you, and now we know that we have a real family in which we can trust.

Att: Joan Cruz (Shawn Michael's Mom)
From: Puerto Rico

"Bridgett & Mark,

To extend our sincere gratitude for encouraging us and allowing Aaron Jr the opportunity.  He had an experience of a life time.  He is more aware and ready to go, what ever it takes.


Olive, SA"

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Prestige ​Talent

"Dear Bridgett & Mark,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything that you've done. This has been such an amazing experience that I will never forget. My parents and I wish you a very blessed 2016 and I look foward to staying in touch with you. 

With fondest regards,

Anna Gabrielle Zarzosa"

"Great to have met model Mark Carroll who really encouraged us and enjoyed our talents! Feeling blessed to have met him and his team smile emoticon here's to the first memories of finally doing something for myself and for my own personal growth" 

Shiny Therandomone


Best Experience Yet,  

Before we went to Prestige Talent Management, I was sad because the other agency didn't choose me in the last contest. But when I came to Prestige Talent, I felt more confidence to start auditioning again because the treatment they gave lifted my spirits up.

When the rehearsals started, I was a little shy because I didn't know anybody but the staff gave me the trust to perform in front of everyone. Little by little, I started knowing everyone in the rehearsals, all of us were improving, getting better and performing with more confidence than before. The rehearsals were a lot of fun.

I want to thank Bridgett Foster and Mark Caroll for another big opportunity with a great company. I know I have a long way to go but Prestige Talent Management has helped me see in which direction to go.

Thanks again for building up my confidence and self-esteem.

Att: Shawn Michael (Performer) from Puerto Rico

"Mr. Mark & Mrs. Bridgett,

I could not be more impressed with our experience with Prestige Talent & IPOP LA and specifically with Bridgett Foster. My 17 year old son auditioned for Bridgett in September of 2014. She was impressed with his looks and felt that he had some potential. She did not pressure us to participate in the program. She did however gave us the opportunity to have many doors opened for him.  This experience could have been overwhelming for us because we had no experience but she made sure he was taken care of throughout the entire process. He attended the 6 weeks of training with a wonderful instructor. By the end of the course, he was not only doing acting in monologues, commercials, & scenes. He was able to model for print & walking the runway. He also had the confidence enough to sing for other. I could not have been prouder of him. My son also attended the IPOP showcase event Jan of 2015 and he had the opportunity to meet other aspiring actors, models, & singers from all over the world. He performed for over 100 Talent agents, Modeling agents & managers from all over the country& world. My son received 31 call backs from his exposure at the IPOP event. It would take years to us meet the amount of reputable people in the entertainment industry if we had tried to do this on our own. We had such a great experience, I have now enrolled my daughter and she is hoping for the chance to go to the IPOP event this summer.”

"Working with Prestige Talent has been a fantastic experience for my family. I absolutely feel there is a team effort to move my children’s career to the next level. Bridgett Foster is supportive, dependable, and hardworking. Most importantly takes the time to make herself available to answer questions and give solid career advice. I have met few people in this business with the integrity, dedication, and compassion that she has, I know because of Bridgett and Mark, my children’s career has a lot of promise. I am thankful that she came into my children’s life and I'm grateful she believes in their dreams just as much as I do."

-Shannon MacKenzie