Bridgett, Mark and Coach Cat did an amazing job bringing my daughter out of her shell! She has always loved performing and now, because of them, she has been signed by a talent agent! A big thank you to these three amazing people for the opportunity. This is just the beginning! Prestige Talent Management showed that they really care about kids' futures as performers and models. Keep up the good work guys.

October 16th, 2020  · ★★★★★

The process have been amazing from start to finish. Mark and Bridgett cares a lot about the industry and it shows through their coaching. They were able to answer every question for us, the day of the showcase was amazing, especially during these times. The studio was safe, everyone wore a mask, sanitizer throughout. We truly felt comfortable. Our daughter has received two call backs from the agencies that were there at showcase. I was hesitant at first but I'm glad I followed through.

August 7th, 2020 · ★★★★

It's hard to find honest people during this time! An ad came across my 8 year old time line Prestige Talent Auditions no experience she submitted all of my information receive an audition commercial she did her best being that she had no experience... To our surprise they chose her to apart of they're workshop Everything they said they would do they DID at the end of the work shop they had a Talent Show with two Agents from different agencies & they both have chosen my daughter to represent! Thank you all for making my babies dream a reality and being Honorable Loyal & have Integrity.

August 25th, 2020 · ★★★★★

I am so happy with the results that I got from working with this company. They did everything they said they would do. Getting my daughter an agent for her acting and modeling start gave her the opportunity to develop her personality. The experience that she got from this company was super awesome. The company is very professional and it feels to us like a family.

February 25th, 2020 · ★★★★★

My daughter always wanted to be an actor and we didn't know where to start to support her dreams. Saw a FB ad and we showed up to one of their auditions on a free Saturday. I was skeptical about the whole thing but had to start somewhere. Anyway, it was the best thing we ever did. Bridgette and Annette from Prestige Talent genuinely care. They worked with her in preparation for a showcase. She presented a commercial/monologue, danced her hip hop routine, sang and did her catwalk down the runway. Our daughter got a callback from 8 of the 12 different agencies. We signed with AEFH and she booked her very first commercial 6 months later. She enjoyed the whole process! If your child has talent and desire, you can trust Prestige Talent will get them a step closer to their dreams.

January 11th, 2020 · ★★★★★

Working with Prestige Talent and Bridgett has been an amazing and exciting experience. Starting from the introductions, she was informative professional and educational. She led my daughter through a great audition and we truly can see that the sky's the limit.
If you believe your child has real talent, meet with Prestige talent.

November 24th, 2019 · ★★★★